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Midwinter Swap 2009 - the stories are in!

Dec 19, 2009

We’re a little early this year: the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day isn’t until Monday. But hey, this way we’ll all have a weekend of long, dark nights to read stories. Enjoy!

AlexanderW requested:
May I please request a “hurt faramir” who’s a bit angsty and needs a big hug and some healing (in various ways – ahem) with someone who’s quite sure of themselves – story. I’m actually in the surprising mood for it to have fluff in it… I’d be even more appreciative if we brought a certain citadel guard in (Beregond!) but this is not a definite inclusion, just a very desperate plea from me; Oh, and I love minor characters! yay, include them! right, thats quite enough now…
This request resulted in The Last Beacon (R) by J_dav

Perkyandproud requested:
Faramir with another human, preferably. Happy ending a must. Romance a major plus. Can have MPreg, Angst, sex…whatever…as long as Faramir gets to be on top at least once.
This request resulted in Honors and Feasts Among Friends (NC-17) by Leianora

Leianora requested:
I’d like anything with him paired with elves who are canon characters and/or Aragorn. It’d be neat to read a Young! Faramir fic where he is in his twenties or thirties. Happy endings are definitely required. No cute or shortened names, EVER! Optional Prompt: Faramir is sold to the Haradrim in exchange for a promise that they will not invade Gondor during his father’s rule. Someone, and again, any elf or Aragorn will do, saves him and helps him begin healing from the horrors he endured. You can be as descriptive or not as you choose to be.
This request resulted in When the last hope leaves you (R) by Anastasiya

Anastasiya requested:
Some crucial moment, when Aragorn suddenly feels his weakness/incapasity of resisting for smth. (at the discreption of author) and understands, that the only one, who gaves him strength, is Faramir. But the King must admit he wishes not only his Steward’s presence or help, but his love too, for he loves Faramir as lover. I would like to see unsertainty, doubts (Aragorn is married as Faramir is), admiration for his Steward’s strength, high spirit, beauty (as David Wenham, please) and very happy, sensual and expressive end.
This request resulted in Love has no ending (PG-13) by Angelstar3999

Phytha requested:
I like it hot and steamy , the more the better. A little bit of angst and some kink would be very, very welcome. The brothers of Gondor meet Eomer of Rohan. After some hesitations they get closer and closer. VERY close indeed. With the help of their new friend the brothers are finally able to act upon theyr feelings for one another.
This request resulted in Touch (NC-17) by Perkyandproud

Bell Witch requested:
Prefer human pairings. I like darkfic, though a cute/sweet/fluff perhaps with an OC would be nice. Faramir and Evil!Aragorn, or Eomer. A younger Faramir with Grima (one-sided slash either way? Admiring the older adviser from Rohan or being taken with the charming young man works—dark or otherwise.) Inappropriate feelings for one of his men, though I’d prefer Faramir not give in to temptation on that.
This request resulted in A Clever Man (R) by Mira Took

Tal requested:
The War of the Ring is over, peace reigns in Middle Earth, and everyone is settling down under the rule of the new High King of Arnor: Lord Sauron. Five years after the fall of Minas Tirith, now known as the Black City, Faramir is living in a nightmare. Acting as Steward to Sauron is a despicable duty. Seeing his friends and people suffer is breaking his heart. In fact, he would have committed a suicide attack on his King long ago if it weren’t for one stubborn vision, of one half-broken man with black hair and gray eyes, imprisoned deep within the dungeons of Minas Tirith… and still holding in his spirit the power to turn around fate. Dark!fic, angst, torture and pain (emotional, physical, and sexual). No need to “solve” the Sauron situation, only to create the feeling of a cruel, inescapable reality, and Faramir’s resolution to survive it for the sake of that one shred of hope. Bonus points if you make me cry.
This request resulted in Estel (R) by Bell Witch

J_dav requested:
I’d like to see Faramir young and in Rohan. Some developments with either Eomer or Theodred? I wouldn’t mind even Theoden or Grima. I’d like NC-17 by the campfire when they go riding together? But anything set in Rohan with your preferred rating would be fine with me.
This request resulted in Finding Desire (NC_17) by Jade

Mira Took requested:
Faramir/Aragon, post-ring war. I like a kingly and understanding Aragorn, and a quietly intelligent but deeply scarred Faramir. Story should focus on their developing relationship, maybe some agonizing misunderstandings ending in love or maybe Faramir finally accepting what Aragorn?s offering. (I imagine that the hobbits have gone home and Eowyn is off being a happily single shieldmaiden). Sex is optional (!), but I would love to have some hair-stroking, tear-wiping, or holding-for-long-periods-of-time. (Not looking for strong kink, by the way, but always a fan of hurt/comfort.) My biggest request, besides the pairing, is that there be endearments: Aragorn saying ‘dear one’, ‘my Faramir’, or ‘my any adjective one’. Faramir can say ‘my king’ sometimes if he likes.
This request resulted in Misunderstandings (PG) by AlexanderW

Helmboy requested:
i would like to see something about a doublecross, with Faramir unaware of it and someone compelled by kingdom or necessity to do the doublecross. I don’t want hobbits as the main focus but they can be there as bystanders or observers. I would like it to be something that is serious and compells a discussion between Faramir when he is made or becomes aware and involves serious emotions and commentary.
This request resulted in Ars Poetica (PG-13) by Tal.

Jade requested:
I’d like to see Faramir face a tough choice of having to choose between a man he’s always admired and secretly desires or an elf who desires him. Who he choses is up to you but it must not be an easy choice for him to make. Though I’d like a rating of R or NC-17 any rating will be fine and it can be any man and any elf.
This request resulted in A Hard Choice (NC-17) by Nerey Camille

Angelstar3999 requested:
Elrond/Faramir -I would like a story where Faramir is raised by some other then Denethor (Haldir, Thranduil, Celeborn, Erestor, Glorfindel, or any other elf that you might think of. I am not picky.) The reason he is or was raised by the elf-person of your choice is up to you. I will leave up to you on how Faramir meet and fall for Elrond, but I would like Faramir to a bottom at least even a demanding bottom if that is better. Maybe Faramir can make Elrond jealous over something. (Not picky) I will leave the rest up to you.
This request was handed to helmboy, who has been busy caring for ailing relatives, but will send in her story as soon as possible.

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