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Midwinter Swap 2008 - the stories are in!

Dec 20, 2008

Here they are: as always, almost all the stories of our Midwinter Swap 2008! Have a great winter everyone (or a great summer if you’re down south)!

Laurëlóte requested:
There are many fics in which Faramir is the one admiring another from afar. I would like to read a fic in which someone else is admiring Faramir. I would like Faramir to be portrayed as strong and confident, as a captain of Ithilien should be, but as someone who is oblivious to people’s attractions to him (perhaps this could be because of a bad experiance in the past, a controlling lover who had convinced him that no one else would want him). Faramir’s admirer (A man please as opposed to another race – but not Boromir) will have to do something spectacular to catch Faramir’s attention but I would like to see a happy ending for them both. Ideally I would like the fic to be r-rated or above please.
This request resulted in Bessain by Helmboy

Vanwa Hravani requested:
Faramir at the mercy of the Haradrim (physical/psych/sexual torture as you wish) – for a —long— time (long in time, not necessarily in text; can be flashback reference). Either escapes or is dumped senseless outside Harad’s borders and found by your choice of elves and/or men who may or may not know who he is. Faramir is not a whiny milksop. Sex is good, force and pain works, BDSM is lovely, resolution possible, not required. /Extra points for real emotions, reasonable psychological reactions, and/or a significant role for Melpomaen (possibly with a dark past). Please avoid the phrases: ‘mien’; ‘eternal/ancient dance’; and ‘his soon to be lover.’
This request resulted in I Am Not So Brave by Bell Witch

Bell Witch requested:
Human partner, possibly a younger Faramir being taken advantage of by friends of Boromir, Theodred, Grima. Faramir trying to decide whether he should go with a young lady or a man—confused. Denethor protecting Faramir from abusive counselors. Aragorn mad at Faramir for making googly eyes at Arwen (or thinking Faramir did.) Smut accepted but not required.
This request resulted in An Innocent Affection by Minx

Sarah Elizabeth requested:
Faramir/Denethor but NOT noncon or abuse, please make it a consensual (if perhaps complicated) relationship with two lonely men who find themselves eager and willing to lie with one another. Preferably set before Denethor succumbs to madness. NC-17, pretty please!
This request resulted in Complicated by wingy

Wingy requested:
Aragorn/Faramir, post-war. something nice, and calming would be nice, around midsummer or midwinter holiday. Please no emo-Faramir, though a little bit of lightly non-consensual sex is perfectly fine. Fluff, moderate sap, and general mooshyness is what I’m going for here, maybe a little rough sex thrown in for fun.
This request resulted in You Said It Was Forever by anorienparker

Lisa requested:
Pre-ring, Faramir and Boromir have been together for awhile and while they are still teenagers denethor finds out about them. If want to include slavery or past and present child abuse that would be good.
This request resulted in Caught by Sivan Shemesh

Sivan Shemesh requested:
Glorfindel/Faramir – they been caught (you decide by who) and one of them is force to leave, and one of them stayed with broken heart. No humor, should be dramatic. in the end, they should be together, happy, you decide where or in the same place, and what had happened to keep them together or to reunite them.
This request resulted in Survivors and Companionship by angelstar3999

Macalaure requested:
I would like a fic featuring Faramir and Beregond. I find there to be some potential sexual tension here and would like to see more of that. If that is not inspiring, pair up poor Faramir with some Rohirrim (maybe Eomer) and let the plot bunnies loose. Post- Return of the King preferred. I would like R/ NC-17 not PWP and not fluff. Faramir should be angsty, but not depressingly so, more that he is still recovering from being so downtrodden and wished dead. This is not necessarily a hurt/comfort piece since I am fed up with Faramir being whimpy in slash fics. Let him take some control for once! Best of Luck.
This request resulted in A Return To Joy by Sarah Elizabeth

anorienparker requested:
Faramir/Elf, hurt/comfort with Faramir doing the comforting, hot sex, happy ending
This request resulted in Cold Comfort by Vanwa Hravani

Empy requested:
My OTP is Boromir/Faramir, but I also have a soft spot for Faramir/Beregond and Faramir/Eomer. Kinks-wise, I like tattoos and first-times. Snarky banter is also lovely. Squicks: girly men, overdone ‘dirty’ talk, hard kink (fisting, scat, golden showers etc), humiliation, mpreg.
This request resulted in Eternal Promise by Laurëlóte

Helmboy requested:
I don’t have much of a request. a good solid story about Faramir and Eomer, perhaps not an easy attraction but an alliance of convenience and how two men with great dignity and internal passion live with it would do.
This request resulted in Forming an Alliance by Phytha

Phytha requested:
Faramir/Aragorn/Boromir. NC17, incest, treesome. Aragorn and Boromir (who survived the ringquest) return to Gondor as lovers. Together they seduce a shy but very willing Faramir, who for years has had a secret crush on his big brother. You can make it kinky (quite a fan of foodplay, leather and gloves), a little angst is very welcome, but please make it HOT.
DO NOT INCLUDE: rape, character death, mpreg
This request resulted in Challenges by Empy

angelstar3999 requested:
Ok here is the idea. It is starting to get to dangerous for Faramir to live with his father (You Decide why) and so a friend (Elf, Gandalf, or other) take him away to an elven kingdom (Imladris, Greenwoods, Lothlórien: you chose) There Faramir should meet someone, or someones who fall in love with him and start to try to court him. I would like to see Faramir find out some shocking news about him and his mother. Please have happy ending. (Feisty, but maybe sub Faramir)
This request resulted in The Care of An Elf by Lisa

Minx requested:
I’d like an Aragorn/Faramir, with any of these ideas – a PWP version of the Houses of Healing scene, where Aragorn has to indulge in some nice hot lovin’ with lost in the darkness!Faramir to get him to wake up. Or a post-war A/F with an established relationship, where Aragorn is jealous when Faramir gets a lot attention from other men (Eomer, random visiting Haradric noble, etc) and then hot A/F sex ensues. Or an A/F where they have to well ‘perform’ for the eyes of a voyeuristic Haradric noble (male or female) so that he / she agrees to some earthshatteringly important condition:)
This request resulted in Recognition of Worth by Macalaure

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