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Midsummer Swap 2010 - The stories are in!

Jun 19, 2010

We’re a little early this year: the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day isn’t until Monday. But hey, this way we’ll all have a weekend of long summer evenings to read stories. Enjoy!

Minx requested:
Post war Aragorn/Faramir, where they’ve probably just embarked on a relationship, so they’re an established couple but F is still a little shy around Aragorn. Boromir is alive and supportive of the A/F relationship and generally plays smart steward+captain general and protective brother. F gets hurt, reasonably badly – an orc attack would be good, gets rescued and needs much tlc from A and B… it would be great if F is for the most part either wet and shivering (the orcs could have pushed him into a river or it could be raining?) and / or nekkid. The more explicit the better.
This request resulted in Finding Hope (NC-17) by Angelstar3999

Anastasija requested:
Faramir/Boromir love story. Boromir is on his way to Rivendell (or from Rivendell) and the way is so heavy that the only memories which make him fight and go forward are the memories of those wonderful moments that he had with his brother. And I would be very glad to see the happy end when Boromir returns to his beloved one.
This request resulted in Oxygen (NC-17) by December

December requested:
With Glorfindel and Aragorn. It begins like this. Glorfindel comes to Gondor for the wedding of A & A, and Faramir falls for him at once. Glorfindel does not mind in the least, but, being a friend of Aragorn he knows the King would give eyeteeth for a night with his steward, and he decides to share. So, when things get hot, G lets A take his place – without Faramir being aware of it (but maybe he is aware and only pretends not to be, you decide). It’s up to you how they manage the switching, the obvious solution being a play with blindfolding, but please feel free to come up with something else. After Glorfindel leaves Gondor, Aragorn notices that F is getting increasingly miserable, and thinks it’s because he is missing G and the mindblowing sex they had had. So, A is tortured by his conscience, and the question is to tell or not to tell. Valar, what would F think?!
What the king decides in the end and how it all turns out is absolutely up to you. Maybe a happy ending, maybe not, whatever, but I’d be pleased to have at least some drama and a bit of a shouting row in the process. As for Eowyn, you can fit in some explanation why F is going falling for other people while he is supposed to be in love with her, or just leave her out altogether, up to you as well.
I’d like it explicit, the highest rating you feel comfortable with. And I’d like the story based on book-verse, aka Faramir with black hair, grey eyes and some self-confidence.

This request resulted in The Letter (R) by Helmboy

Helmboy requested:
Something philosophical. I want to know their ethical or religious feelings. You never see a story with much religion or how they practice or how it affects them. I would like to see this angle a major part of a story.
This request resulted in Be blessed (PG-13) by Anastasija

Mira Took requested:
I would like a Faramir/Aragorn story, based on an illustration by Amir on this website: either the one called ‘Faramir/Elessar’ (by a window), the one called ‘So Tired’ (in a bed), or both. Sex is optional, but please have an ending that is at least hopeful for the pairing. No dark!fic elements. I’d like the story to match the mood of those two lovely illustrations. (Please also include a disclaimer/credit for the inspiring illustration.)
This request resulted in The Blue Rose (PG-13) by Minx

Angelstar3999 requested:
I would like a story where Faramir is either a wizard like (gandalf), or half-elven and raised by the elves how they elves get costody of him is up to you. Please have Faramir be the sub even a demanding sub when he gets into a relationship with his elf (Elrond, Glorfindel, Erestor, Legolas or Haldir your choice as long as it is an happy ending.) I will leave the rest to you.
This request resulted in Treasure Enough (PG-13) by Mira Took

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