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Midsummer Swap 2009 - the stories are in!

Jun 20, 2009

Here they are: as always, almost all the stories of our Midsummer Swap 2009! Have a great summer everyone (or a great winter if you’re down south)!

Bell Witch requested:
Prefer human partners. Possible evil!Aragorn story. Or Aragorn pressuring Faramir into doing his will. Do not like evil Arwen or Eowyn for the sake of getting guys together. Faramir outside the usual realms (not in Minas Tirith or Ithilien). Perhaps in Dol Amroth, or as a POW in Harad or something. Always amused with Faramir/Eomer. No happy incest.
This request resulted in Beyond an Evil Mirror by Tal

Tal requested:
Post WOTR. Faramir’s life has always been governed by all-consuming duty. Now, with the war over and his father gone, Faramir regains a measure of private life, only to find himself purposeless and adrift. The Stewardship is not enough to fill his days, especially the evenings, and feelings of inferiority prevent him from seeking the company of his peers. Driven to drinking and… other activities… with strangers of the lower circles, who take advantage of his despair, Faramir seems to be courting death. But secretly, all he wants is for someone to notice this downward spiral and put an end to it; someone with a firm but loving hand, someone who will release him from the need to govern his private time, will give him structure and home, acceptance and love. Enter Aragorn…(No Eowyn in this one — the reason is up to you. Might be nice to have Aragorn and Arwen as a couple take in Faramir.)
This request resulted in Unnamed Longings by Minx

Minx requested:
A/F where a busy learning ropes as steward Faramir is pursued by someone else [anyone, canonical or omc, gondorian, rhunic, hardaric, man, orc, wizard, elf… possibly even two elven twins:) ] Enter jealous!A, who will win over F, somehow, and very very comprehensively… no place for the other character finally! The courtship with the the other character can be all nice or have elements of violence/non-con, up to author. Also up to author how far it needs to go before A steps in. I’d love it if there’s at least one scene with F being groped, held against a wall, either consensually or not, by Aragorn or the other character…. and hard and fast sex over a desk with F being ‘pounded into desk’ by either one again would also be nice!
This request resulted in Of Sins and Shadows by The Vixenne

Getty requested:
Faramir is learning how to bake a cake (it can be a humor fic, lol) with the person teaching him how (the writers choice from the following) Aragorn, Legolas, Haldir, Boromir, Eowyn) Feel free to let the squirrel out of the bag and go nuts!! Extra kudos if cake batter winds up on the ceiling.
This request resulted in Cakes and Kings by Angelstar3999

Jade requested:
something that is “spur of the moment” can be wither either man or elf or even both but someone unlikely or unexpected. can either be a drunk moment that leads them into bed or a serious of events that cause them to finally give in for one night.
This request resulted in Butterflies Are Free by Helmboy

The Vixenne requested:
Hmm, a story that takes place post-Ring in which Boromir doesn’t die, Aragorn is King and a very confident Faramir makes up for what he almost lost by seducing both his older brother (who wants it badly) and his new lord. Give me as much kink as you can stand (the hotter the better). I love sexy banter between men and I’d like to see Faramir as a bit more aggressive.
This request resulted in A little Death by Phytha

Angelstar3999 requested:
I would like Elrond/Faramir/Glorfindel. I would like to see both elfs fall for Faramir who is either half elf or like Gandalf. Your choice. I would like to see a demanding Faramir, but also sub. Please have a happy ending.
This request resulted in When Demands are Met by Jade

Vanwa Hravani requested:
Strong, turbulent Faramir with either Aragorn, a Lorien brother, or a twin; Faramir is complex – needy and haunted at times, perhaps, but darkly brilliant and has agency. Faramir has to meet a challenge (military, political, intrigue, ?) and does so in an unusual way. Think of it this way: he has been shaped (and perhaps twisted) by his life experience, but certainly not broken.
This request resulted in Waiting on the Moon by Getty

Helmboy requested:
(Something long and convoluted.) something perhaps between dimensions or times.
This request resulted in The Ring by Bell Witch

Phytha requested:
Faramir/Eomer, h/c, Eomer physicallly or psychically hurt, NC17, sensual feeding, sex with gloves
This request was handed to Vanwa Hravani, who we hope is ok. We’re thinking of you, darling!

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