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Midsummer Swap -- The stories are in!!

Jun 24, 2006

Here’s your chance to read that one Faramir slash story you wished someone would write… and to return the favour by writing one in return:)

And here they are – all the requests, and now all the stories:

Bijou requested:
Something about the story you’d like to read: For a change I’d love to read an incest story about Faramir & Denethor where Denethor really cares and loves his younger son :D ……I wouldn’t mind if Borormir would be included as well….NC17 please….
This request resulted in: Crossing the Line, by Laurëlóte

Phytha requested:
Faramir/Eomer; Eomer talking a hesistant Faramir into hot sex (graphic description) including light BDSM and leather gloves
This request resulted in: The Best Decisions, by Iris

Laurëlóte requested:
I’m pretty flexible about this, but I guess I’d like to read some more Faramir/Eomer, maybe something set before the war?
This request resulted in: Infrequent Meetings, by Minx

Iris requested:
NC-17 Aragorn / Boromir / Faramir threesome, with Faramir topping at least once.
Possibly (perferably…) with voyeuristic elements, e.g. couple + voyeur resulting in threesome, or otherwise a fourth party observing the threesome
This request resulted in: My Brother, My Captain, My King, by Bijou

Minx requested:
Faramir/elf (any elf but one of the twins would be nice) – established relationship. Post war scenario – Faramir is badly injured while out hunting / or some other outdoor activity with Aragorn and his lover (the elf), better still if he has been hurt trying to save one of them, and in the process the elf comes to realise how much Faramir means to him. Also maybe Aragorn could realise how much help his steward is to him too?:) I’d love to have some nice healing scenes… and also if Faramir could also be wet and shivering and cold, the elf might need to slip udner the blanket to keep him warm.
And aragorn and the elf can spend much time discussing Faramir’s finer qualities while he lies there unconsciou and ill.
This request resulted in: Never Better, by Anorienbean

Sivan Shemesh requested:
Faramir/Legolas/Glorfindel – new expreince, Faramir/Legolas – rough and hot slash, like they born to be together.
Light BDSM, light angst.
No hobbits or wizards, simply elves and man…
This request resulted in: The Outcast, by Phytha

Anorienbean requested:
Hurt/comfort with Faramir doing the comforting this time. Prefer Faramir/Haldir, Faramir/Aragorn, or Faramir/Elf, but any other healthy male is fine :) Happy ending, fluffy with at least one hot sex scene involving a sex toy of some kind :P
This request resulted in: Matters of Heart, by Sivan Shemesh

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