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Written by Bijou; with Elrond

I wanted to write Fara/Boro or Fara/Ara but suddenly this story came into my mind. *shrugs*…damn sneaky Elves! Written for the 50kinkyways challenge.

Warnings: medical play, toys, role play, spanking, rimming.

Posted Sep 11, 2006

Written by Bijou; with Boromir, Aragorn

Written for the 2006 FaramirFiction Midsummer Swap

Warnings: incest, spanking, **out of canon** :D

Posted Jun 24, 2006 | 4410 words | Comment [2]

Challenges by this author

Challenge: 6th Anniversary Challenge: The wizard's pupils!

By Bijou; with Gandalf, Boromir

Not only Faramir is Gandalf’s pupil but Boromir as well and the old wizard teaches them a lot more than they expected *g* »»»

Posted 13 March 2010 in: challenges | Comment


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