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Midwinter Swap 2007 - The stories are in!

Dec 22, 2007

Here they are: the stories of our Midwinter Swap 2007! Have a great winter everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere)!

Kimber Leigh requested:
Imrahil/Faramir — Faramir had been sent to Dol Amroth to foster with his Uncle. How do he and Imrahil celebrate the eve of Faramir’s 18th birthday and his last night in Dol Amroth. Drunkenness and debauchery and good. Hot raunchy sex is better. Faramir’s first time fic would probably make my panties melt ;)
This request resulted in: Perfect Peach by Kissa

Bell Witch requested:
I prefer darker stories but do not require them. Winter theme not required at all. Any rating. I prefer human pairings but dislike incest as a happy relationship. Pairing with Éomer, pre-war with Halbarad, or I would like to see Faramir with Gríma somehow. (Like that would be happy.) Pre-war advisor Gríma comes to Minas Tirith or Faramir goes to Edoras. A rarer pairing, at any rate. Movie or bookverse fine.
This request resulted in: Dark and Dangerous by Helmboy

Helmboy requested:
Anything with Faramir and Éomer. :)
This request resulted in: Éomer’s Bargain by Bell Witch

Getty requested:
Faramir and Haldir, a rainy night and a talan in the tallest tree of the forest, Faramir confesses some of the things he has endured at his fathers hands and Haldir wants to help him. Sex not necessarily required, but would be nice, lol.
This request resulted in: Rainy Nights by Wingy

Angelstar3999 requested:
I would like a Faramir/Elrond – Faramir/Glorfindel – Faramir/Legolas – story theses are the pairing to choose from. I would prefer the first, but it is ok if you do the choose from the other two. Maybe a little h/c and magical-non-human Faramir (I want him a little assertive).
This request resulted in: Vilya Power by Sivan Shemesh

Sivan Shemesh requested:
Faramir/Legolas/Elrond, Elrond/Faramir; Legolas tells Elrond that he needs more, and Elrond tried to find the right man that might be a pleasure to Legolas, but in the meanwhile Faramir is fall in love in Legolas and Elrond
This request resulted in: The Note by Angelstar3999

Dream_in_a_jar requested:
I would like to read a Faramir who lost his memory after the waking up from the House of Healing scene. Like to see someone (man, such as Aragorn or even Boromir himself, or elf) helped him to recover his memory. Hurt/Comfort is preferred but not required. Angst. Any rating. Dark fic is ok. Author decides the level of amnesia.
This request resulted in: How Could I Forget by Laurëlóte

Kissa requested:
Your request: I would like a story where Faramir rescues an elf, a small and frightened one. It could be Rumil or Erestor. There should be some dark angsty parts to the fic, but the part about them falling for each other and getting together should be fluffy and sweet. And the elf should have his first time with Faramir! The ideal ending would be the happy couple going to live in lush Ithilien , with a little elfling on the way, much to both Faramir and the elf’s surprise. If the author who writes the story is adamantly against elves getting pregnant, I can live without the elfling; but please, make the story nice and fluffy! Thank you!
This request resulted in: Under the Most Beautiful Sun of Ithilien by Dream_in_a_jar

Minx requested:
Post-war Boromir lives! fic. Non-con Boromir/Faramir relationship with Boromir as the aggressor… it should be a relationship that had begun well before the war. No Boromir turned evil by the ring plot, please. Extra points if Aragorn and Boromir have an ongoing mutual healthy relationship when Aragorn finds out and is unsure how to act – you decide if he’ll save Faramir or is tempted and will want a piece of him too… NC-17 with graphic sex and / or bondage would be great:)
This request resulted in: Brotherly Hate by Lisa14

Laurëlóte requested:
Life after the war should be good for Faramir. His brother is alive, he is doing a job he loves, and finally feels like his opinion matters, he has women practically falling at his feet. In fact everyone loves seeing him so happy and cheerful… So why then is he still miserable inside? This should be a coming together story full of desperation and despair but Faramir should find his happiness in the end. I would dearly love to see a Beregond pairing for this, but I will be happy with Aragorn as an alternative if you’re struggling.
This request resulted in: Seasons of Change by Minx

Wingy requested:
Hmmm… I’d like some Faramir/Haldir, with sex. Doesn’t have to be full-blown, play-by-play stuff, but more than a fade-to-black is preferable. I really don’t mind what plot you’ve got in your lovely little heads, but I’d like at least a mention—a nice involvement in the story would be great—of religious beliefs, i.e. if one of the parties involved is reticent, that could be the reason why.Thanks again for accepting the challenge!
This request resulted in: Pleasures of the Flesh by Kimber Leigh

Lisa14 requested:
Denethor has been physically abusing Faramir for years and Boromir has just found out about is. Bonus if it’s a post war fic.
This request resulted in: A Yule of Hope by Getty (with apologies for the delay)

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