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Midsummer Swap 2008 - The stories are in!!

Jun 21, 2008

Here they are: the stories of our Midsummer Swap 2008! Have a super summer everyone (or a wonderful winter if you’re down south)!

Laurëlóte requested:
When Faramir gets word that Boromir has not returned from his latest diplomatic mission he sets out with two of his rangers towards Harad to find him. (Bonus points for one of the rangers being Malblung doing his best father figure act) Aragorn is a wandering ranger who has either: found Boromir and is taking care of him, OR offers to help find him. Boromir and/or Aragorn pairing. R rated or above please. Fluff should follow much angst on Faramir’s part.
This request resulted in: Trail of Tears (R) by Kissa

Kissa requested:
Boromir is 19, Faramir is 14 and adorable. He is the best archer around, even at his age, but he enjoys books and cuddling with his cats more than wrestling in the mud with the soldiers. Boromir comes home from a border mission and after Faramir tells him of some unsettling dreams, they spend a night of comforting closeness (insert fluffy graphic love scene here). However, Boromir has to leave again shortly after and Faramir already knows his brother’s fate. He closes himself out to the world and becomes a fierce warrior. During the war, Captain Faramir rescues an injured elf (Erestor) from a pack of Orcs and while caring for the small, dark-haired elf, he finds he can love again. Please write me a happy ending, in which Faramir can go to the Gray Havens with Erestor, I hate it when the men die!
Note: If the plot I outlined is too complicated or long, you can leave out whatever you want, except for the special love between the brothers, rescuing the elf and the happy end. Thank you so so much!
This request resulted in: The Sum of all Fears (R) by Wingy

Wingy requested:
Contented, happy Faramir. Please, no emo, or just lightly if you must. Any pairing goes, no Denethor. Bonus points if you include Midsummer activities, and mention of a cat. >.> That one’s just my personal toss in, there.
This request resulted in: What my Elf gave to me (PG-13) by Lisa14

Lisa14 requested:
Post-ring, either faramir/boromir or faramir/aragorn or a threesome is always good too. Boromir and/or Aragorn find out that Denethor has been physically and/or sexually abusing faramir all these years and start protecting him and get him to talk about it so he starts to heal. Double points if Denethor is still alive and still abusing faramir.
This request resulted in: Hurinionath (NC-17) by Bell Witch

Bell Witch requested:
Prefer Faramir with human partner. Maybe a Faramir/Denethor incest (incest should not be happy. Faramir of age, please.) Rarer partner—Eomer, Grima (a more innocent Faramir this time?), an OC (soldier, council member, etc.) Someone stalking Faramir? Prefer one on one, definitely adult Faramir. Any rating. Prefer darkfic but possibly a sweeter story with Faramir crushing on a tutor/older soldier. (Not his brother.) Faramir/Theoden? Don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Fallback position, nasty Aragorn/Faramir. Should not be angry with Faramir for not being Boromir, but for his own sake. Or because he took the Ring, which is never good.
This request resulted in: Deadly Attraction (R) by Laurëlóte

Sivan Shemesh requested:
Faramir/Aragorn, or Faramir/Elrond. Angst, h/c, make up sex after stern arguement.
This request resulted in: Arguments Solve Nothing (R) by Angelstar3999

Getty requested:
Boromir and Faramir switch bodies, and Boromir finds out just how bad his brother has it at the hands of his father. I’d prefer that they were about the age they are in LOTR, instead of them being younger.
This request resulted in: If You Could Feel What I Feel (PG-13) by Sivan Shemesh

Angelstar3999 requested:
I would like a story where Faramir is being fought over by two elves (Haldir/Legolas, Glorfindel/Thranduil, Erestor/Elrond, Celeborn/?-you decide what two elves you want to use) Make it a THREESOME please and have Faramir be a submissive, but not a push over in the relationship. Please have a Happy ending. (bonding, marriage-your choice)
This request resulted in: A Heart’s Wager (NC-17) by Getty

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