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Midwinter Swap 2011 - The stories are in!

Dec 18, 2011

We’re a little early this year: the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day isn’t until Thursday. But hey, this way we’ll all have a long, dark Sunday evening to read stories. Enjoy!

Mira Took requested:
I would like a story that uses all of the words below. Please include them in a way that is meaningful to the plot or characters or dialogue (i.e. not just “Faramir was overwhelmed by the choice of meats at the feast”). But I’d like them to be inspiration for what you write, not just a challenge to fit them all in, so if you have to skip one to write the story, do that.
As far as the rest of the story goes, pair Faramir with a man or elf to whom he is not related (Aragorn, Legolas, one or both sons of Elrond, whoever you fancy). Please have an ending that is happy or hopeful for the pairing. Please also no abuse within the pairing itself. And the rest is up to you. Word list (feel free to change “tender” to “tenderly,” etc):
Knelt Face Tenderly Gentle Clasped Servant Helpless Warmth Swiftly Overwhelmed Severed Simply Joy

This request resulted in Reunion (NC-17) by Eora

Anorien requested:
Faramir/Boromir; They were lovers before the war, but when Boromir returned (after taking the ring from Frodo and nearly getting killed), he was a different man, cold, hard, jaded, not the loving, sweet (if slightly rough) older brother that had shared Faramir’s bed before Denethor had sent him to bring the ring home. Faramir has to make things right and bring his dear brother back from the edge and remind him how good they were and could be together.
This request resulted in Destiny (R) by Kissa

Kissa requested:
Pairing: Faramir with Haldir or Rumil. I would like both elf and man to be fairly shy and inexperienced (if the elf is a virgin, all the better :P) . Please include the following: caramel apples, a cat, baby overalls, (and a bit of plot!). I would like a happy end please, and R rating or above.
This request resulted in Winter’s Joy (PG-13/R) by Angelstar3999

Eora requested:
A Faramir/Aragorn courtship story please (preferably from Aragorn’s POV, either book or movie-verse is fine!)…but I don’t want any scenes taking place in the bedroom! I’d love a slow-burning story, with plenty of frustratingly close moments…draw it out! Any rating, though I’d rather it stayed slightly less than explicit if things do go in that direction! Please no non-con, kink, underage etc, I’m looking for a vanilla love story- but don’t be afraid to get emotional! I like to see Faramir as a strong-willed individual, but unwilling to grasp for personal happiness if he feels it’s at the expense of his duty and obligation to the realm.
So…Eowyn has spurned Faramir’s tentative advances (for whatever reason you decide, and this could be in the distant past or recently) and has left him for Rohan. Heartbroken and frustrated, our Steward throws himself into his duties and is as always a diligent and efficient worker. No matter how well he shields it with solemnity and a guarded manner however, it is plain to those around him that Faramir is deeply unhappy and very lonely, and it is apparent to Aragorn most of all. The first few attempts to engage Faramir in social activities (feasts, hunting, anything at all) fail, as he declines with politeness, claiming tiredness or unfinished work to do. But perhaps the King takes matters into his own hands after seeing his friend struggle internally with his grey mood. Now, this is where you decide how things proceed! Maybe Aragorn sees how lonely Faramir is and tries to set him up with one of the ladies at court (with interesting results, I’m sure!)? Perhaps the King h as always had a soft spot for Faramir and begins to pursue him-slowly, carefully, intent on becoming better friends at first… or maybe through persistent attempts to get Faramir to cheer up an awkward not-quite-courtship begins to materialise. Does Faramir return the King’s affections? Do they realise after a while that there is more going on between them emotionally than just a close friendship? How do they react? Do they take it further? But remember, the bedroom is off-limits, though that doesn’t rule out certain activities if you are feeling so inclined! Please, be as tender as you like; the slowest-burning, most delicate romance is what I’d love to see!

This request resulted in Like No One Else (G) by Bell Witch

Bell Witch requested:
Feeling the darkfic. Perhaps no pairing, but a strong Faramir. Denethor finds out Faramir has been abused and how he reacts (blames Faramir, helps him, knew about it already?) Or Faramir and Evil!Aragorn.
Could be older Faramir looking back on a love/one who got away.
Whatever rating, I never require smut.

This request resulted in What could have been (PG) by LN Tora

Angelstar3999 requested:
Elrond/Faramir. I would love the story where Faramir somehow finds his way to Imladris (how he does is up to you.) It would be nice is Faramir is not fully human and I would prefer him to slightly sub to Elrond.
This request resulted in New Moon (R) by Laurëlóte

LN Tora requested:
Either one of the following:
Aragorn/Faramir: Aragorn helped with the birth of Faramir and stayed until he was three, thinking he was in good hands with his family. After taking the crown he discovers just how wrong he was. Double hurt/comfort: Aragorn helping Faramir heal from Denethor’s abuse, and Faramir helping Aragorn with his self perceived guilt. The abuse can contain a sexual element, or not if the writer is uncomfortable with it. Requires: Ara/Fara pairing, and happy ending. Angst along the way encouraged.
Boromir/Faramir: Post RotK, Boromir!lives. Surviving the Ring War, Boromir slowly discovers Denethor’s mistreatment of Faramir was far worse than he suspected as he tries to cope with Faramir’s emerging PTSD. Negotiable: (regarding incest) While I’d like to see Boromir as the main character to help Faramir, he doesn’t have to be the one Faramir winds up with, so long as the other party is still male. Requires: Happy ending, slash pairing, road to recovery.

This request resulted in Memory and Time (R) by Mira Took

We expect the stories for the following requests to be added soon:

Laurëlóte requested:
Faramir is hurt and somehow ends up in Imladris. While he is recovering from his wounds, he forms a bond with one of the elves (either Glorfindel, Erester, Elrond or Lindir) who sets about easing his troubled mind. Bonus points if you give Melpomaen a cameo role. NC-17 or R rated if possible.
This request was handed to Anorien, who apologizes for the delay, but will have her story finished asap.

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