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Midsummer Retakes

Apr 13, 2011

This summer, we won’t be running our customary Midsummer Swap, but instead we ask you to help some of the authors who have struggled with their story for whatever reason.

We’d like to emphasize that this doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on those authors who couldn’t meet their deadline — we still hope that they will find the strength and inspiration to complete their stories. But there are also those people who held up their part of the bargain but have been waiting patiently for something in return, sometimes for years, and we think it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they’d now get at least one story with hope of a second, instead of nothing at all.

So… if you feel up to the challenge, have a look through the list of open requests (there are some really good ones in there!), and if one takes your fancy, let us know via the form below. We’ll then remove it from the open requests so you can work on it (and so there won’t be five stories for one request but none for the others), and when you’re finished we’ll list your story with the filled requests. But of course you’re also welcome to write a story without letting us know first — whatever works best for you.

It’d be great if you could finish a story before Midsummer (June 21), but if it’s a little later, that’s fine too. All help is welcome!

Open Requests

For the Midwinter Swap 2009, Angelstar3999 requested:
Elrond/Faramir -I would like a story where Faramir is raised by some other then Denethor (Haldir, Thranduil, Celeborn, Erestor, Glorfindel, or any other elf that you might think of. I am not picky.) The reason he is or was raised by the elf-person of your choice is up to you. I will leave up to you on how Faramir meet and fall for Elrond, but I would like Faramir to a bottom at least even a demanding bottom if that is better. Maybe Faramir can make Elrond jealous over something. (Not picky) I will leave the rest up to you.
(in progress)

For the Midwinter Swap 2010, Calestel requested:
Faramir/Eomer first time slash relationship fic. Eomer and Faramir in a new consensual relationship. With angst and maybe a hint of bdsm and a past history of one of them in a noncon situation.

Half-filled Requests

For the Midsummer Swap 2010, December requested:
With Glorfindel and Aragorn. It begins like this. Glorfindel comes to Gondor for the wedding of A & A, and Faramir falls for him at once. Glorfindel does not mind in the least, but, being a friend of Aragorn he knows the King would give eyeteeth for a night with his steward, and he decides to share. So, when things get hot, G lets A take his place – without Faramir being aware of it (but maybe he is aware and only pretends not to be, you decide). It’s up to you how they manage the switching, the obvious solution being a play with blindfolding, but please feel free to come up with something else. After Glorfindel leaves Gondor, Aragorn notices that F is getting increasingly miserable, and thinks it’s because he is missing G and the mindblowing sex they had had. So, A is tortured by his conscience, and the question is to tell or not to tell. Valar, what would F think?!
What the king decides in the end and how it all turns out is absolutely up to you. Maybe a happy ending, maybe not, whatever, but I’d be pleased to have at least some drama and a bit of a shouting row in the process. As for Eowyn, you can fit in some explanation why F is going falling for other people while he is supposed to be in love with her, or just leave her out altogether, up to you as well.
I’d like it explicit, the highest rating you feel comfortable with. And I’d like the story based on book-verse, aka Faramir with black hair, grey eyes and some self-confidence.

This request resulted in: The Letter (R), by Helmboy, which is a Work in Progress (please don’t continue Helmboy’s story without her permission, but feel free to start a new story for this request)

For the Midsummer Swap 2009, Phytha requested:
Faramir/Eomer, h/c, Eomer physicallly or psychically hurt, NC17, sensual feeding, sex with gloves
This request resulted in: Naval Training (NC-17) by Nerey Camille

Filled Requests

For the Midwinter Swap 2009, Jade requested:
I’d like to see Faramir face a tough choice of having to choose between a man he’s always admired and secretly desires or an elf who desires him. Who he choses is up to you but it must not be an easy choice for him to make. Though I’d like a rating of R or NC-17 any rating will be fine and it can be any man and any elf.
This request resulted in: A Hard Choice (NC-17) by Nerey Camille

For the Midwinter Swap 2006, Bell Witch requested:
Ideas: Faramir with human partner, known in canon, darkfic. Violence and non-con are fine, incest fine for darkfic. Even orcs and other creepy things are fine (must be the season.) For a lighter fic, still prefer Faramir with human partner. Not into sappy romance but I do read sweet things too (I’m so ashamed.) Aragorn, Eomer. Do not like Boromir/Faramir for anything like healthy relationship. Incest=darkfic to me. Smut not required, certainly.
This request resulted in: Encore (R), by Iris

I want to fulfil a request!


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