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“Unleash your imagination and free your soul.”
As long as your imagination isn’t NC-17 rated, that is: this archive only allows stories rated from G to R, or as they call it nowadays, K to M.

Of Elves and Men

The archive of the Yahoo-List LOTR_Adult_Fiction.

The Library of Moria

Lord of the Rings Slash and RPS Fanfiction Archives. Fiction featuring Faramir can be found HERE.


R and NC-17 rated fiction only. Lord of the Rings sub-site is located here.

Archive of Our Own

The Archive of Our Own is a fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks.
Faramir fics here.

Author's / Artist's Sites

Your Cruise Director's Love Boat

Fan Fiction and Art

Saira's Library

Sairalinde’s fics and art

Linda's Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

A collection of my stories focussing mainly of the adventures and friendship of Aragorn and Faramir and their wives and children.
These stories are free of slash, smut and bad language. Some stories contain violence or scenes of intimacy between married couples and are rated accordingly.


Fanfiction and fanfiction recommendations by Isis

Khylea's Writings

Xmen, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings fan fiction, as well as original work.

Henneth Annûn

Heilt’s pretty pictures!

Loes Valthen

Esteliel’s homepage. Here you’ll find my fanfiction, my favourite fics by other writers and some other miscellaneous LotR-related stuff. Also home of a very active forum and two amazing interactive stories.

Thevina's World of Fanfiction

Thrihyrne – a home for Thevina’s fanfiction and some stories by other authors that she recommends.

Truth is Missing

Etherei’s fan fiction archive, art gallery and recommendations.

Destiny Interrupted

Fan and original artwork/fiction by Ponderosa

Chez Emma

Emma Keigh’s Homepage. Here you will find Fan Fiction, Opinions, Discussions, and Stuff in general. Highlander: the Series originally was the main focus of these pages, but now there are stories based on Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Sentinel, among them.

Come Helyn Highwater

Helyn’s photo manipulations in a variety of fandoms.

Juxian Tang's Fiction

Juxian Tang’s Slash, Yaoi and Original fiction. Lots of it, and covering a wide array of fandoms.

Fafnir's lair

Fiction by Beryll, Osiris Brackhaus, Vagabond and various guest authors.

The Palantír

A website dedicated to Fictional People Slash pertaining to the the works by J. R. R. Tolkien. Born from the free storage (and time) of the webmistress, as well as her love for slash and the characters, it houses fiction, artwork and miscelanea concerning our Middle-Earth adorably slashable people.

Guiltless Pleasure Publishing

Tal’s main goal is to offer a chance to talented fanfiction writers to break into the business of professional writing.


Elf candy and other treats at Camilla’s candy store

Melina's Den of Fine Repute

Melina’s fiction, graphics and more

Blossomwitch's FanFiction

Here you will find all of Blossomwitch’s fanfiction, as well as links to LOTR resources, archives, and other LOTR writer’s websites.

By the Blood of Gondor

Mari’s LOTR site, includes pictures, fan fics, and links/banners/buttons to sites. All character fics and all types of fics are welcomed. RPS are also very much welcomed.


Faramir Fanfiction and Discussion

A community dedicated to posting, reading, and discussing Faramir fanfiction. Discussion of the character of Faramir, the actor (David Wenham), pictures, and other related subjects are happily permitted.
Warning: this community now allows redistributing stories without the author’s permission!

Faramir SlashFics Group

This group is for discussion and fan fiction, slash, smarm or preslash, about Faramir, Captain of Gondor, brother of Boromir and son of Denethor II. Tolkien created him, Peter Jackson and God made him beautiful, now we can enjoy him. All ‘The Lord of the Rings’ fans are welcomed to join in!


This exchange was created to celebrate our love of JRR Tolkien’s wonderful character of Faramir, and since we, the mods, saw LoTR exchanges dominated primarily by slash, we wanted to make one for gen and het only to give non-slashers a place to join.

Sons of Gondor Community

This community is dedicated to the ‘Sons-of-Gondor’ characters in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir Denethor, Isildur, etc.) and the characters and actors (VM SB, DW, JN, HS) who play them in Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of the trilogy. While slash makes us squee most enthusiastically, we have no objections to posting het and gen fics. Feed link

Warning: this community now allows redistributing stories without the author’s permission!

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