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Tales of the Telcontars (PG-13) Print

Written by Susana

19 September 2011 | 56124 words | Work in Progress

Title: Drip, Drip, Drip
Series: DH AU
Author: Susana
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Warning: AU
Disclaimer: All characters and everything else belong to Tolkien.
Summary: An adventure in Ithilien
Beta: None. Written quickly when the idea struck, so there may well be mistakes.
A/N: Set in about F.A. 10.

Drip, drip, drip…

Alphros walked first through the cave, afraid of nothing.

Eldarion walked behind his older brother’s young cousin, over a year his elder, holding the lantern.

Theodwyn walked almost on Eldarion’s heels, jostling him. She wanted to be first.

Elboron came tentatively behind, scared but wanting to keep up with his sister and uncle and cousin.

Later that day, after several wrong turns and a rescue party, the four children lined up in front of Faramir’s desk.

“We were explorers. You can’t stay in the glen where you’re supposed to and be a good explorer.” Alphros explained, not the least intimidated.

Eldarion added, “You got lost in that cave once, looking for Lady Mithrellas.”

Taking a deep breath, Faramir raised an eyebrow at his own children.

“Eldarion was going.” Theodwyn said, and there really was no need for further explanation.

Faramir looked to his wife, and commented quietly, “I think every time Imrahil, Elphir and Aliisa send Alphros to us, something like this happens, and then I feel that I can hear their laughter from Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith.”

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6 Comment(s)

Oh these are wonderful. Eldarion is such an astute child :)

— Maria    Thursday 14 October 2010, 1:28    #

A very interesting beginning. I look forward to reading more!

— Ria    Thursday 14 October 2010, 3:05    #

I love these father-son moments, they’re so perfect and heartwarming.

— Anna    Monday 20 December 2010, 17:55    #

Just lovely!

— Linda    Tuesday 11 January 2011, 9:58    #

This is so lovely to read! It’s light and bright and makes me smile or chuckle during reading. Very enjoyable, I hope you update soon.


— Aneyrin    Wednesday 2 February 2011, 15:56    #

Cute, cute, cute story.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

— lille mermeid    Monday 16 May 2011, 15:50    #

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