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Let Go (G) Print

Written by AlexanderW

16 August 2009 | 785 words

Title: Let Go
Rating: G
Summary: Faramir sorts his feelings out for Aragorn during his King’s coronation
Note: It’s a mix of book and movie-verse; I can’t seem to split the two in my head I’m afraid :)

“Now come the days of the King – may they be blessed…”

My breath hitched at that, as it has finally happened. The king has returned, and in no ordinary fashion either. The gates of Minas Tirith lay ruined after the battle of the century – probably age – and in front of them, I passed my rod of office to him and accepted his claim to the throne of Gondor. Of course, Aragorn being Aragorn, he handed it back saying something along the lines my duties have not finished but I don’t really remember that bit. I just remember looking into his eyes and feeling my heart being stolen away.

While he did heal me, again I don’t really remember anything that happened, as to me, it just seemed to be one big blur of relief and confusion as everyone brought me up to date with what had happened. Then everyone able to fight left to confront Sauron and all I remember is some sort of inaction, the feeling of suspense and finally relief and joy for the end of darkness had come. Suddenly, the victorious army returned and there I was, staring into Aragorn’s eyes.

It was a wonder I didn’t collapse, as I could feel my knees shaking and my hands wobbling – of course thankfully Beregond was nearby, keeping his ever watchful eye on me. I think he thought my weakness was to do with the whole ceremony we just had, and maybe a little bit of it was – the end of the rule of the stewards was not something I thought I would see in my lifetime. But mostly it was out of pure shock to feel my entire existence being drawn and focused onto Aragorn at that moment. Of course, things become a blur from thereon in. The only bits I truly remember were the times Aragorn came to ask how the coronation preparations were going on. How I didn’t make a complete and utter fool of myself is still something I wonder about, but I managed through these conversations, getting to know my king better and I hope him getting to know me better too.

I didn’t let slip my true feelings to him. Don’t get me wrong, he knows I am completely and utterly loyal and very grateful for his promise of the lands of Ithilien to be my princedom – how I would love to spend my life making the land one of beauty and life again – but he knows nothing of my true love for him. He believes me interested in Éowyn, and do not get me wrong, she is a woman of courage, beauty and force – one who I would be honoured and delighted to spend my life with, if she wished it so – but it is Aragorn who I love and only him.

“Behold the King!”

I looked up, slightly startled, and saw that Aragorn had started to descend down the steps, nodding and greeting those around him. He bowed to Éomer, the new king of the Riddermark, with a reverence which showed the deep respect between the men that I knew the ties between our peoples would never fail. Then he walked passed me and Éowyn and I felt very light – like I would float away – and he smiled at me and I felt that I could be very happy with my future life, just because he smiled at me.

But then I saw his reaction to the appearance of Arwen, and I’m going to admit it, I was a little crushed. The look of wonder, happiness and love on Aragorn’s face told me that my love will go unrequited for the rest of my life. But to be honest, I’m not as fussed as I thought I might be – because I am the steward of Gondor and Prince of Ithilien and will be able to do so much good with my position. While I have lost so many people close to me, I have gained some as well and I feel my life will have some stability and peace in it now. And finally, yes while I do love Aragorn, because of my love for him, I’m willing to let him go.

Allowing him to be happy and have everything he ever wanted will be something I can be very content with. And frankly, content does sounds good to me.

Continues in Get Back

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2 Comment(s)

On, it’s very nice, AlexanderW! Such emotional expiriences are in of character for noble Faramir. I deem only if Faramir had fallen in love with Aragorn, Aragorn would have loved Faramir apparently too.Pleas describe Aragorn’s feeling when he saw his steward at first.
Thank you!

— Anastasiya    Monday 17 August 2009, 5:12    #

Thanks :) You know, I was going to leave it there, but you got me thinking and I’ve already half written a sequel to it

just need to write the endings now

— AlexanderW    Monday 17 August 2009, 21:16    #

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