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Hunting the Spider (PG-13)

By Ellynn; with Éowyn, OMCs

Three years after the War of the Ring, settlers from Ithilien villages start to disappear. Faramir and the Rangers have to discover what this new threat is, and have to overcome this terrifying enemy in a dangerous quest.

Posted 328 days ago | 43055 words | Comment

An Honest Ghost

By Eschscholzia; with No Pairing

Faramir has dealt with many challenges in his jobs as Ithilien Ranger and Steward, but he’s never had to deal with a ghost before.

Posted 459 days ago | 2561 words | Comment [1]

On a Stormy Night

By Ellynn; with Aragorn

While looking for a shelter on a stormy night, during a hunting trip, Aragorn and Faramir stumble upon a family in a dire need of help.
Written for Teitho May 2011 contest: “Names”.
2011 MEFA Third Place in Drama: Featuring Aragorn.

Posted 487 days ago | 3260 words | Comment

Memories in the storm (PG)

By Ellynn

In the night he becomes a father, Faramir remembers one night from his childhood and his mother. Written for Teitho May 2010 contest: “Mothers”.
2011 MEFA Nominee.

Posted 493 days ago | 1370 words | Comment

A Little More Effort for the Impossible (PG-13)

By Ellynn; with Boromir

Set few years before War of the Ring. During a task in South Ithilien, Boromir is captured by Haradrim. Faramir will do all in his power to rescue him… in a mission against all odds.

Posted 496 days ago | 7212 words | Comment

Work In Progress The Gifts in Small Packages (NC-17)

By December; with Pippin, Aragorn, Unknown

Pippin will never speak of it. And then he does.
The lives of the Steward and the King are complicated enough, without a certain Hobbit with no regard for Gondorian taboos wreaking havoc in the high court of Minas Tirith.
Added: Chapter 27

Warnings: angst, violence, mildly AU.

Posted 504 days ago | 50244 words | Comment [68]

Visions After The Fire (R)

By LadyBrooke; with Aragorn, Arwen

Faramir reminded himself to have the door fixed as soon as Aragorn and he were freed from the tower.

Warnings: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Threesome

Posted 662 days ago | 1115 words | Comment

Work In Progress Unholy Light (NC-17)

By December; with Boromir

Things go pear-shaped towards the end of the quest to destroy the One Ring, and Boromir is left with impossible choices on his hands as his darkest hopes are dragged to the light.
Added: Chapter 5

Warnings: Non-con, torture, psychological torture, AU canon divergence, dark!fic

Posted 902 days ago | 6480 words | Comment [11]

Work In Progress Wishful Thinking under the Summer Stars (NC-17)

By December; with Aragorn

Aragorn is tired of keeping a dark secret from his handsome steward.
Added: Chapter 2

Warnings: Sexual tension, angst & drama

Posted 904 days ago | 6570 words | Comment [9]

Of Men (R)

By Geale; with Aragorn, Éowyn

A few years have passed and some hearts have settled. Others might, perhaps. Aragorn/Faramir slash

Warnings: Slash

Posted 1013 days ago | 3251 words | Comment

Forging Old Links Into New (G)

By Eschscholzia; with Éowyn

When the Gondorians attempt to resettle the old lands west of the Ered Nimrais after the Ring War, they run into a clash of cultures with the Dunlendings. Faramir is sent to negotiate a compromise with Éowyn’s help. But how does one determine the facts on the land of people without written history? This story placed second in the Teitho Picture Challenge IV 2019.

Warnings: canon-typical racism

Posted 1135 days ago | 4475 words | Comment [1]

Sweet Disbelief (NC-17)

By December; with Aragorn

When the King Elessar first kissed him, Steward Faramir was quite certain it was by mistake.

Posted 1239 days ago | 3522 words | Comment [2]

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