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If you have any website related feedback like something to add (say a link to your site, or submit a challenge; if you want to share your stories or artwork, please refer to the Contribute section), something’s not working, or even if feel like telling us we’re sick perverts and we should leave the poor chap alone, don’t hesitate – email us. For a quick note, you are also invited to sign the guestbook.

If you’d like to talk about what a fabulous character Faramir is, how unfair it is that he’s so unappreciated, and discuss fanfiction with other fans, of course you’re welcome to write to us, but we also encourage you to join the Faramir SlashFics group or Faramir Fics LiveJournal community (but before your post there, beware the livejournal community has rather different rules when it comes to redistributing work without permission!).


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