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Sauron/Faramir and Aragorn/Faramir

By Minx

Posted 13 March 2006

Faramir is captured by Sauron’s armies during the defence of the Pelennor and taken to Sauron and subjected to heavy duty angst, torture, etc. Sauron and co. try to get him to reveal military tactics, news about the fellowship, everything. Sauron must also offer Faramir the prospect of being loved and receiving recognition for his efforts either from Denethor and others or from Sauron himself. Preferably something along the lines of Sauron ruling M-E with Faramir by his side. Faramir must of course refuse all temptation and be forced to pay for it. (However, you could also as twist, allow him to slip and demand a little lovin’ from Sauron and then feel ashamed for it)

Faramir is then rescued once the ring is destroyed by which time he’s been reduced to a rather pitiful state, recognizable only by Gandalf and Imrahil.
And then we need recovery time (not just for his injuries; lots of guilt to overcome too) which is where the Aragorn/Faramir part comes in.

Archivist’s note: Through the Fire is Tal’s interpretation of this challenge


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Had never come over to the challenges before. Did I mention my love of Darkfic? I will see what I can make of this, if anything. And I admit it was the O.o factor of Sauron that even made me look.

— Bell Witch    Tuesday 25 July 2006, 1:40    #

Excellent! I look forward to seeing it!:)

Minx    Tuesday 25 July 2006, 2:40    #

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