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Work In Progress Refuge (R)

By Iris; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Originally posted to celebrate the birthday of fabulously fantastic Minx, founder of this archive. Happy birthday darling!
Added: Part 7

Warnings: dubious content

Posted 42 days ago in: Fiction | 2456 words | Comment [14]

10 years

Has it really been ten years?

Posted 51 days ago in: news | Comment [5]

Éomer x Faramir (PG)

By comuto; with Éomer

I believe that their relationship after the events of book could develop into very strong and deep and that this ship is very interesting as well for being complicated.
I don’t like that there’s a strong opinion established that this pairing can only be possible in au or before the events of LotR.
It is possible wherever, I’m confident in it:)

Posted 81 days ago in: Pictures | Comment [1]

Good Enough (R)

By Eora; with Aragorn

You are the light of my life.

Warnings: Slash and sexual scenes.

Posted 93 days ago in: Fiction | 590 words | Comment [3]

es Work In Progress El lamento de Faramir (NC-17)

By G-Skywalker; with Boromir, Denethor

AU. Faramir es el menor de los hijos del Senescal de Gondor, el más débil, y por supuesto, el menos merecedor del amor de su padre. Faramir se enfrenta día a día con sus demonios, inmerso bajo la opresiva sombra de su padre y buscando como refugio los brazos de su hermano.

Warnings: incest, rape, non-con, death

Posted 142 days ago in: Fiction | 6707 words | Comment [1]

A rabbit in a wolf's den (PG-13)

By Laivindur; with Éomer

Eomer and his men decides to have a bit of fun in the dark and boring forest long way from civilization. And Faramir is introduced to the games.

Posted 155 days ago in: Fiction | 2951 words | Comment

Work In Progress The Gifts in Small Packages (R)

By December; with Pippin, Aragorn, Unknown

Pippin will never speak of it. And then he does.
Added: Chapter 17

Warnings: angst, faintly AU.

Posted 168 days ago in: Fiction | 25662 words | Comment [54]

Work In Progress Naval Training (NC-17)

By Nerey Camille; with Éomer

Faramir and Éomer experience together the hardships of life at sea. They are both young, noble, and seasick. Can they find comfort in each other?

Written for the 2011 Midsummer Retakes.

Added: Chapter 3

Warnings: Violence, injuries, acute misery, comfort sex (slash)

Posted 183 days ago in: Fiction | 8901 words | Comment

A Conversation with the King (R)

By Eora; with Aragorn

Idle banter takes a more seductive turn and the soft furnishings are put to practical use.

Warnings: Slash, sexual scenes.

Posted 192 days ago in: Fiction | 2621 words | Comment [3]

Faramir and Frodo (G)

By A piece of leaf a.k.a. reafre; with Frodo

I drew this for my friend birthday as her request.
drawn by pencil & colored with photoshop

Posted 221 days ago in: Pictures | Comment [5]

Strange Guests in the Woods - Revisited (G)

By December; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Colour rendition of earlier work by the same name.

Posted 231 days ago in: Pictures | Comment [1]

The Lament of Faramir (G)

By G-Skywalker; with Boromir

This is another drawing of my Boromir/Faramir fic. Boromir is enjured in battle on the fields of Ithilien by the leader of a company of Uruks. Boromir in an attempt to protect his youngest brother, falls wounded by a poisoned arrow.

Posted 266 days ago in: Pictures | Comment

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